The Theives Guild can be found at many locations across Vvardenfell.

Sugar-Lips HabasiEdit

Sugar-Lips Habasi is a Kajjit wearing full Chitin Armor in the Balmora South Wall Cornerclub. She has a few jobs for you and you can advance all the way up to Black Cap doing jobs for her alone. These jobs include:

  • Diamond Theft: Sugar-Lips asks you to steal a diamond from the local alchemist, Nalcarya of White Haven. It can be found in a small locked chest in the upstairs of her shop. There will be three there so you can take the other two for yourself if you like. You are not required to steal this item if you do not want to; any diamond will do just fine.
  • The Manor Key: Once you have retrieved a diamond for Habasi, she will ask you for the Nerano Manor Key. Ondres Nerano has a key and is found and is found in Nerano Manor. It is much easier to get the key from Sovor Trandel, one of Nerano's servants, in Balmora Council Club. To get the key from him, persuade him until he is a friend and then give him some gold.
  • Dwemer Recovery: Ra'Zhit in Hla Oad at Fatleg's Drop Off has a chest with three dwemer items. Sugar-Lips wants them. The only way to get them is to pick the lock and take off. Do not get caught on your way back to Balmora.
  • Brandy Treat: Ralen Hlaalo has died and is found in Hlaalo Manor. There is a Vintage Brandy in the manor and you are to retrieve it.
  • Prison Break: Sugar-Lips informs you that New Shoes Bragor is being held at Fort Pelagiad. You are also told that Mebestien Ence is smuggling dwemer materials and is bribing a guard to stay out of trouble. This guard is Shadbak gra-Burbug. Steal a dwemer artifact from Mebestien and show it to Shadbak to prove that you know. Then demand that New Shoes Bragor be released.
  • Security Bunp-Up: Habasi now wants you to find a master of security to increase security at the South Wall Cornerclub. This master is Hecerinde, a high elf and resident of Balmora. He can be found on the East side of the Odai River.