Caldera is an Imperial charter town, part of the Caldera Mining Company charter, which grants the company rights to mine ebony. It is a rich town with growing profit from ebony. Although it plays no part in the main game, it would be a good place to visit if you are looking for some extra cash.


Places of InterestEdit

In Caldera there are a few places you might be interested in visiting before moving on:

  • Creeper


    Caldera Mages Guild: Here you can buy spells and potions as well as teleport without being a faction member. Unfortunately, though, you have to be a member to have your items enchanted.
  • Nedhelas' House: This is the first house on the right from the southeast entrance of Caldera. It contains normal items as far as you can see at first. The unlocking of the Heleron Ancestral Tomb, on the other hand, is far from normal for a house in any town. Inside you will find a skeletal warrior that will respon upon each entry. There is also a ghost that guards a chest containing a Lesser Soul Gem. To kill this ghost you will need a magic item. Soul Trapping the skeletal warriors will get you a huge amount of money as well as level up your main combat skill.
  • Ghorak Manor: In the Ghorak Manor, there is a Scamp on the second floor named Creeper. It has 5,000gp and will give you full price on all items you sell to him without persuasion.
  • Holismod: Armorer: Holismod will repair any broken items you have as well as sell you some heavy armor.
  • Irgola: Pawnbroker: Irgola, along with every other pawnbroker and trader, will buy almost any item in your inventory.

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